I'm Tilly, the creator behind all of this. I want you to get a feel for who I am and what I believe in. I am a designer by profession, kind hearted, a believer in consistency, a believer of loving hard, and working even harder to show my girls you can create a life full of magic. PlayHouse is inspired by the playfulness of children. My study in design helped me quickly learn after I became a mother all the different ways I could still create. This lead me to create imaginative products for childen to purchase, styling photoshoots for various companies and creative collaborations. As my girls had gotten older it became very important to me that I keep this magic of childhood alive in them, that after a certain age the magic doesn't go away but to teach them how to use the magic and know they have it and what they can do with that magic. I do this by empowering Children ( girls) of all ages that join my craft camps or buy my products that you can feel brave and empowered by creating and feeling confident and by what you make. " Magic Makers" Each summer I host craft camps for girls to come, and learn the different types of craft to inspire and excite them. We do various activies such as painting, sewing, one minute sculputres, flower arranging, headshots of each of the crafters, various types of drawings using different mediums. They leaved excited and empowered with a portfolio full of all the crafts they did that week. On Tuesday, I teach " Art Class On a Tuesday" where we learn the elements of art and encourage creating using your unique perspective. Lastly I still work with my own brand creating DIY's, collaboarting , styling with other companies, and selling products and clothes. What sets me apart from others is that I want to empower ( girls) /children to create and understand that we all have magic. I really try to offer and create products that make you happy when you see them- you are always left with something. Magic is contagious, magic is usually very simple to create- people just forget they still have it. I want others to create magic. that's how I'm different- I empower people with magic. Sometimes parents are afraid or hesitate of the " mess" that crafting and making magic brings- I solve that problem by offering classes that allow messes and creativity in a space that this is encouraged. I change the narriative that messes are bad- I'm proud of all my messes that I make, my crafters make, my girls make and all the glitter always on the floor. Thats the real magic of all this.
I've always been a maker of sorts as long as I can remember. A maker in design school, a maker in work, a maker in my personal and home life. After design school I began my career as an Interior Designer working for an architecture firm in SLC that I had aniticapted being with for some time. During my lunch break on a usual day I felt really nauseas which was so unlike me, I went to the nearest grocery story and picked up a pregnancy test. I was pregnant... later we find out with twins! I was miserable my whole pregancy trying to find the upside of saying " goodbye" to this firm along with so many other things. We were also moving to Spokane for my husband to attend law school at the time. It was hard, I was moving away from family, friends a great job to now facing the unknown as I said goodbye to design forever.. so what I thought... When we arrived in Spokane my husband went to law school and there I was trying to support my husband, my twin girls, my identity somehow and everything else at once. I cried and drank diet coke alot.. I even went to the park with two different shoes on a sandal and a sneaker.. that's where I was, to deep, I was sinking not swimming. One thing however did fill that void of not creating anymore was my twin daughters. We would play all the time together. When I would watch them play over time I began to realized my girls had a natural instinct toward design and creativity. I found myself getting inspired by them, their magic and the joy of childhood that I was forgetting. We began creating together, playing more but enjoying it. This brought about the business I have today called " PlayHouse" inspired by my girls Sam and Annie. We did ALOT of playing in our home by Manito park ( hence the name PlayHouse) . I began creating masks and costumes, coloring pages, party accessories, DIY activities etc. Everything centered towards the playfulness of childhood. Brands began to reach out to me about styling and creating product for them, I was creating magic, I was making again and it felt good. With this said the most meaniful project I am doing and will forever do is continuing to make magic for my daughters Sam and Annie and for all the other children to help them to continue to be inspired by their playfulness and their natural instinct toward design and creativity. My most meaniful project is on going, I'm a maker of magic. I have learned that hard things happen and will continue to happen but that doesn't mean the magic is not there. Sometimes the magic doesn't always come easily. I had to let my emtion be present, magic is usually created after the hard part.
If you have any questions about styling, collaborations, or comments please
e-mail me at tilly@thatplayhouse.com.
Enough talk, lets play!    

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Photography by Emily Hawkins
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