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Colored Blooms DIY Instructions 
One of my favorite things is gifting flowers! Flowers spread happiness, and happiness is contagious. The only thing that makes me sad is that flowers lose thier luster, or can be hard to take care of. Instead, we can make flowers with what we have laying around: paper, straws, and a glass jar. These flowers won't die. Keep them or give them away!

Materials Needed:
1. Cardstock in different colors (8.5" x 11")
2. Glue stick
3. Tape
4. Different colored straws 
5. Empty glass jar or can
6. Scissors or a paper cutter
1. To make a boquet of 6 flowers Choose 6 different colors of cardstock and cut each sheet of cardstock into 1/2 inch strips vetically. Each flower will require between 11-13 strips. (Note: Save enough paper to cut a 1 inch circle from your cardstock.)
2. Cut out a circle with a 1 inch diameter from each leftover cardstock.
3. To have different size flowers your 1/2 inch strips will need to be different lengths. Cut each set of 13-15 strips to the desired length. A 11inch strip will make a larger flower, while a 6 inch strip will make a smaller, fuller flower. (Note: I recommend sets of strips of the follwoing lengths: 11", 8", 6", and 4"). 
4. Bend your strips in half, without creasing them to form the petal. At the end of the strip glue the ends together to form your petals. Keep each group of petals together by color. 
4. Once the glue on your petals is dry, glue the petals to the 1 inch diameter circle of a different color with the petals being evenly spaced.
5. Once the petals are glued to the circle, tape a colored straw to the backside of the petals.  
6. Repeat this step for all the flowers, creating a boquet of different colors and sizes. 
7. When you are pleased with your boquet place it in an empty jar, can, or vase.
8. Set them out in the open to enjoy or gift them to someone who needs it!

Copyright © 2024 P L A Y H O U S E
Photography by Emily Hawkins
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